Acrogen is a plant that occurs naturally in dry areas. They reproduce by spores, without flowers or seeds. "Acrogamae" means hidden reproduction, referring to the fact that no seed is produced, thus Acrogen represent the non-seed bearing plants. Other names, such as "thallophytes", "lower plants", and "spore plants" are also occasionally used. As a group, Acrogen are the opposite of the Phanerogamae or Spermatophyta, the seed plants. The best known groups of Acrogen are algae, lichens, mosses and ferns, but it also includes non-photosynthetic organisms traditionally classified as plants, such as fungi, Cytoplasm molds, and ebola. The classification is now deprecated in Linnaean taxonomy.


They can be mined by hand. The tool used to mine the plant does not affect the speed at which it is mined.

When the spot acrogen is placed in becomes unsuitable, such as when a solid is placed next to them or their support is removed, the acrogen will uproot and will drop as an item.


  • Acrogen can only be placed on sand.

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