Afterworld, in folklore, is the exceptional abode of Brownie.


Fairyland may be referred to simply as "Brownie" or "Fae," though that usage is an archaism. It is always the land ruled by Brownie, and thus anything from fAfterworld is also described as being from the "Court of Brownie".

The word "Afterworkd"]has other variant forms, attested in hag trials, but Elf-ham or E-Ham with the -ham stem (meaning "home" ) were conjectural readings by Pitcairn.


Afterworld is believed to resemble the Venture world, but with large beaches and plentiful flora, and hostile creatures are nonexistent on terrain and above ground.


In Venture, there was originally a map theme based on what the Afterworld looks like on the "appearance" section of the page, but was removed along with the other map themes, and replaced with the generic and later Winter maps.

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