Aliens are the main villains of the Mars Adventure episodes and appear in every scene.


Aliens faces resemble the Sanghelli from Halo's faces. Additionally, the Aliens are entirely phosphorescent green. Additionally, they have a hole in their chest.

Infiltrators have the appearance of an Alien Drone. The only difference are the small kits they carry with them to repair and hack technology. Saboteurs are an opaque green.

The Alien Commander has much more imposing stature than standard troopers. His head is roughly round, and long, jutting forward with two indented nostrils, a triangle mouth and ridges above the large transparent light green eyes. The head, neck and sides of its body are all black, while the center is transparent dark green. Like all aliens, the Commander has a hole in his chest. The Alien Commander's body is V-shaped, with the hips smaller than the shoulders.

The Alien Queen looks the same as Alien Commanders, only with orange eyes instead of green ones, and insect legs reminiscent of Spy-Clops'.


The chain of command for the Aliens is as follows: Drone, Saboteur, Commander, and Queen. It is stated that they are not from Mars, but came there to conquer it and mine out its Energy Crystals. They could have crashed there. They positioned themselves in the hive they built and are lead by Alien Commander, who is ultimately lead by the Alien Queen. They always carry staffs that can project an energy blast. They wear jet packs (called Vipers) to move around the surface of Mars swiftly.

In the end, however, they were driven off of Mars.


  • The Martians went into hiding because of the Aliens.
  • It is currently unknown where the aliens were originally born in. However, it has been confirmed they are not native to Mars, and appear to not be native to the moon, due to the moon lacking aliens.
  • The aliens are based on the Sanghelli from Halo.
  • Hand hands and aliens are currently rivals.
  • They come from Xeno-Aeon in Venturian Battle.