Alien Basilisks are dinosaurs in Venture. They are small, dinosaurs which resemble alligator lizards that come in three colors; black, brown, and violet.

Model Information

Mutant Lizards are made up of one model. They have no real animation of limb posing. They are also unable to stand correctly, but this is not that noticeable. Physically, alien basilisks are taller than any human being but are significantly much longer than any human being, too (due to their tail). They appear in many different colors including black, indigo and brown.


Alien Basilisks have the standard enemy AI, attacking players and nobody else. Upon death, Alien Basilisks drop nothing except 2-4 Experience Balls. Alien Basilisks have 10 HP and deal 5 damage. Alien Basilisks have different powers, depending on the breed. These include poison puking, fire breathing, and color changing. Crossbreeds always result in the offspring having both powers of its parents.

Alien Basilisks are the bulk of what gets spawned when a dinosaur egg is incubated.


  • They are based on the dinosaurs of the same name from Jonah's Missions, another 1001 Spears game.
    • The Alien Basilisk in both games is based on the dinosaur Procompsagnathus Triassicus.
  • They are named after the lizard type, and have nothing to do with Cockatrice or the Harry Potter Basilisk. Description

Powers: Speed, and various assorted abilities, including chameleon powers, venom, maelstrom, heightened stealth, and flame breathing. Weak individually, but they always operate in groups.

Description: The bulk of the dinosaurs are made up of these alien basilisks. Powers vary based on breed, and they have shown the ability to adapt to attacks made against them so the same thing never works twice. Skilled at infiltrating fortresses.

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