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Amber Henrietta Bell is a character in Venture created by TechnologyPookie.


Amber was born March 30, 1999 (17 years) and is very tall (but not as tall as Robert). She is a mathematician who's job is to use her IQ and skills to fight off enemies. She's half-sisters with Vanessa and Florence.


Amber has brunt orange hair, often tied in pigtails. She wears a headset for just-in-case purposes with a black bow on it. She wears thick rimmed glasses and often wears nude-colored lipstick. She wears a black coat and matching black pants. She wears red Converse All-Stars to complete the look. She often carries a gun.


Personality-wise, Amber is bold, brave, and sometimes modest. She's not the one to fall for tricks. She's sometimes clumsy and a bit accident prone, but her injuries are usually nothing severe.


  • She is of British descent.
  • Gamebusters met a similar fate to her, as both were removed the day they were added, due to the fact that Emma left the production team for Venturian Battle the same day as joining, explaining why she does not appear in Venturian Battle nor Venture itself.