"I heard the rumours of that giant castle. I am expecting treats in there!" - Terrence Jacob

Aperture Stringhold was a fortress built in the Aperture Kingdom. The stronghold was wrecked by the Jacobs in order to find the eggs of the tribes.


On the exterior, there were banners of Count Lionel hung. The castle is built up of stone brick and has various Windows too small to fit an average Venturian, symbolizing bad architecture of the Aperture villagers. Other parts of the castle are crafted from woody beams. Good tumors are also placed on it as a sign of worship towards Count Lionel. There is also a pillar built out of Crimson Rock, with a mini obsidian pillar built in, and some small amounts of Fir wood and gold. One of towers is partially made up of Acetone Peroxide containers, which were used to ultimately destroy the home, but mainly made of Rock and gold. There is also a crown on the top of the same tower, with a glass case casing wine goblets and cupcakes. The main tower is the tallest, made of rock, gold, and wood boards. There are gold prongs on top of the main tower, with emeralds placed on it, and a boulder centered in it. There is also a giant spruce wood slide, which goes down the whole main tower.


On the interior of the Boulder battlement, where a toilet is housed. On the main tower, the slide continues, and leads to a basketball net that leads to a cauldron. There are also varying cupboards and inlets. Inside the dynamite tower, there is a break room with cupcakes and cans of hard drink.


  • The two small towers and one tall tower makes the castle undeliberately resemble a phallus, possibly to compensate for Leader Aperture.