Apple Squad is an episode of Venturian Battle.


As Robert and his brothers were looking for Avocado, a beam of green light suddenly flashed up in front of them. As they went there, they saw Avocado on a tower causing the green light to appear. The looked at the tower and noticed that it had a beacon shooting green light into the air. As they tried to get up, Avocado shot some of the scaffolding down. Robert dodged the scaffolding as it fell and tried to put a ladder on the tower. The ladder was also shot down. As they attempted to distract her, a large red ship came down onto the beacon tower. As it opened, an apple soldier came out!

The apple was wearing a 'manager' badge, and when it came out she signaled more to come out. 4 more apples come out and they line up like an army. They declare that they're the apple squad sent to Venture by the Fruit Dieties to retrive The Nigh Omnipotent Lemon, the Nigh Omnipotent Lime, and Avocado. As they see Avocado, they tell her to get in the ship. After she gets in, they aim guns at Robert. They say that he is now gonna be put in prison for 'Tampering with an offial Fruit Diety mission'. Robert got out his gun and shot at the tower. The ship fell down, and Avocado got the lasers to shoot at the ground.

Robert shoots back again, but an earth tremor causes the ground to split in half. Robert is on a side with his brothers, and they try to get onto the other side. The side collapses with Robert and everyone else on the side falling down. The apple squad then hops down into the new hole to find them. As Robert looked up, he saw an apple soldier coming down! As they walked closer, Tyler tripped on a rock. The apple soldier heard the fall and turned to them. Robert shot at it, but the apple sent a net to capture them. Soon, everything went black!

As Robert woke up, he said, Have we been abducted again? The apples were all staring at them and announced that they are now in interrogation. They lift a light in front of Robert, and they yelled, Where are the Lime and Lemon dieties!? Robert got out of the net, and aimed a gun at her. Robert said that they'll won't tell, but Tyler jumped in and lied, saying they were on the Planet Neptune! The apples actually belived them, and dropped them back off on the Abode. The ship then departed, as Avocado was in the mirror sticking her tounge out at them.

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