Babirusa are rideable passive creatures.


Babirusa drop 1–3 pieces of raw Streak O Lean (1–3 units of cooked Streak O Lean if murdered by flames) when killed. They also drop a saddle if saddled.


Babirusa roam in groups of three to four.

Babirusa act the same as other emotionless creatures, they wander aimlessly, avoid falling off cliffs high enough, and will always stay out of water.

In Venturian Battle

Babirusa are common passive creatures in Venturian Battle. On Wara Wara, babirusa turn into ham when killed. They eat anything, including each other, but not streak o lean. They protect farrow. They become alarmed from seeing ham and streak bacon. Players with the Gamekeeper archetype protect babirusa if the babirusa are loyal to them.


Brendan added Babirusa in the really early days of Venture. Babirusa looked "wall-eyed" and both eyes were close to each other. After that, Pipipis were added based on an evolved Babirusa, which evolved quadrupedal. Shortly after, Babirusa dropped 0-2 brown morels and awarded a player ten points each when killed. At some point, Brendan changed the Babirusa to look like how they currently do.

Meanwhile, on February 19, 2016, Brendan made it that Babirusa dropped 0-2 Streak O Leans when killed.

On June 25, 2016, Brendan added saddles alongside the ability to ride Babirusa.

On July 9, 2016, Brendan added a sitting animation for riding Babirusa.