Bacculites are 8-armed creatures that spawn in water.


Bacculites spawn in water between layers 46 and sea level, and can be found in any biome.


When murdered, each Bacculite will drop 1-3 ink sacs.


Squids are always harmless towards the player, akin to the other passive creatures found on land.

When moving about, the Bacculite's tentacles open and close, giving them an appearance of shoving themselves forward. Bacculites float in place when first spawned into the world and wander around aimlessly, swimming up and down through each layer. They are not attracted to light, and do not deliberately interact with the player. However, if attacked, Bacculites will swim away from the player.

Bacculites suffocate if they are beached on land for too long. While on land, they do not move, and stay stationary until they suffocate. They can take fall damage and burn like any land creature, but they cannot drown.

Bacculites cannot swim in lava. They simply pass through the lava and behave as if on land.

Bacculties (unlike land-based creatures) can swim against a current and not get shoved by it.


Bacculites were added on January 13, 2016.


  • Hitting a Bacculite underwater causes them to rise approximately 1/3 to 1/2 a meter.
  • Bacculites cannot be hurt by attacks to their tentacles.
  • When out of water, Bacculites are super resistant to knockback.
  • Bacculties behave like land creatrues and attempt to ride a Mine Trolley, but this is never useful as Mine Trolley Tracks and water cannot occupy the same object.
  • Bacculites are the first passive creature to spawn at any light level, in water, and without wabe.
  • When the world is loaded, all Bacculites are aligned with the tentacles facing east.

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