Bill is a Venturian scientist and researcher. He is most noteable for his invention of Computers and part in the Bloody Sunday massacare.In the Helix mythologies, he is a main antagonist. In Helix mythology, he has murdered more than 20,000,000 innocents.


Easily capable to adapt himself to unexpected situations, it is not easy to catch him off guard. He does not bother acting as a sadistic and cruel person in front of others, even his own daughter, so long as it serves his plans.


Bill's invention, the computer was designed to be a genocide machine. The computer will transform any thing into data, and store the data inside itself. The data can later be released, and the object will reform. Bill was told by the Church of the Dome that he should repurpose it as a genocide weapon against the Church of the Helix. This helped start up Bloody Sunday.



  • Bill largely resembles Doctor Silas Boll in both name and profession. In addition, they both are killers, as Boll was bent on killing the Cann Behemoth, and Bill has killed 20,000,000 people.
  • Bill is the first duck in Venturian Battle.
  • Bill is an evil version of Chikkun.