Bow is a Venturia item that fires arrows, to snipe faraway objects such as hostiles or switches.


Bows can be purchased by Archer Dlabs at Waldurc Woodland for 1 Gold Ingot.


Bows can shoot hostiles and switches from up the five yards. The Bow cannot initially fire Arrows when first obtained. The Arrow must first be purchased from a Trader Dlab before the Bow & Arrow can be used. Different from guns, the Bow does not require magazine to hold as its ammunition to fire Arrows. The Bow becomes required to kill the Gremlin Leader, as it is necessary to fire a Silver Arrow at him to land the finishing blow.


Arrows are the most important aspect of the Bow, considering they are the projectiles needed for it to function. Unlike the Bow, which must be equipped to use, Arrows are automatically drawn upon its use. While Arrows are the stable ammunition of the Bow, there also exists different varieties like the Flame Arrow and Explosive Arrow. These Arrows always must be equipped to the Bow in order to use them. Varieties require random increments of Magical Power.