Bricks are a decorative building object.


Bricks can be mined using a pick. If mined without a pickax, it drops nothing.


Crafting bricks takes four bricks.


Bricks have the same blast resistance as rock, so it can be used as a durable building block.


Brendan added bricks to Venture at the same time as he added bookshelves. For a brief time starting from February 27, 2016, Brendan added titanic brick cairns as a rare structure. The cairns were completely solid; they had no inside rooms. A strange quality about these cairns was that if one dug under it, a layer of earth and rocks extended under the cairn. This is because it spawn right on top of the terrain instead of being a complete cairn with the bottom parts underground. Cairns were later removed. On July 23, 2016, Brendan gave bricks a new look and crafting recipe. The brick was also introduced.

Brick Cairn 1

A Brick Cairn

Brick Cairn 2

Another Brick Cairn

Brick Cairn 3

Yet Another Brick Cairn

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