Canids are neutral creatures that can be allied with the player.


Canids only spawn naturally in woods and taiga biomes.

Naturally-spawned canids are untamed, and will become aggresive if attacked by the player.


Canids drop nothing when killed by a player or another tamed Canid.

Behavior and Appearance

Canids can exhibit three different states depending on how the user interacts with them:

  • Wild Canids have grey fur, a limp tail, and their eyes consist are yellow with black pupils. They are tranquil towards the player and spawn in packs of 4. They will Ewes without provocation.
  • Hostile Canids can be distinguished by their constant growling and appearance. Their tail becomes erect, their eyes become scarlet and the contrast level of the fur increases, revealing dark patches of bristling hair and a mouth line raised in a snarl.
  • Tamed wolves can be distinguished from wild or hostile wolves from their eyes since they change to look serene. They have a crimson collar around their neck. Right clicking on the wolf makes it sit and remain in place while the player is free to move around. Tamed wolves will attack players or creatures that hurt their owner, unless the target has the same owner or is on the same team. Standing Canids will attack players or creatures that are attacked by their owner, unless the target has the same owner or is on the same team. They will also not attack Pipipis and Exspouses regardless of owner. Standing tamed Canids will attack Shooters without provocation, but not Ewes.

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