Castlrex is a vehicle in Venturian Battle.


The four towers to Castlrex take up the four corners while in tank mode, and when the vehicle opens up to stronghold mode, the ensemble does look like a fortress from the front. There are slots in the walls of the fort, which make it perfect for the Jacobs to look out to, and yet be protected. When the drawbridge is opened it also brings up this enormous missile bow. The walls house the training equipment, where the weapons and melee training dummy sits. The kitchen is on the other side of the acropolis, where Éclair Butcher is. And right above the kitchen is the jail, located by the front tower, and this is perfect because why not torture an imp by making him smell but not eat the food? In the middle is the fastness' round table, and there are eight seats here.


  • It was originally a vacation vehicle before being converted into a portable stronghold.
  • It can house a total of 20 people and still have room for ammunition and cargo. Not to mention small vehicles.

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