[Smashed in the face by a stone brick]


Ceave Madison was a buccaneer and assistant of Sheldon Volectro.


He is a midget, but with freckles, whom sports a talent for creating and piloting vehicles.


When Volectro came to the island, Madison used the lever to move Volectro off the ship with a conveyor belt. Madison also started the rave to distract the tribes of creatures from them placing bombs.

Madison assisted Robert in destroying Aperture Stronghold, where Madison brought the creatures eggs back. However, a battlement crushed him, and Robert had to bring the eggs back himself.

Madison was later revealed to have survived getting crushed, and had gained much power, while residing in a cairn. The Jacobs eventually found him, but he was furious for them leaving him there, and used dozens of attempts to kill them, but ended up having his power turned against him, and was murdered.


Madison is Aperture’s right hand man. While he is the dumbest man of the bunch, he approaches his job with great enthusiasm. Whether serving as a diplomat greeting with warm hugs or attempting to operate zip lines or escalators, Madison is always doing it with a stupid smile on his face. However, ever since he was caught in the collapse of the fortress, he has turned violent and malicious.


Madison was a diplomat.


  • Madison is the second recurring character to die. The first was Aperture.
  • Madison does not appear to be a normal player, due to his size.