Clasp's Robot is a stomping, crushing, monster robot designed by Clasp, Clip's son.


Clasp got out a robot he built and decided to use it to terrorize Flakerot. Robert and Florence glimpse over the city and find the Clasp's robot destroying Flakerot. Robert boards a quad bike while Florence boards a super jet and they go off in attempts to stop Clasp. Clasp uses the robot to grab three tourists one at a time and burn them. The first one he burns by using "toast" on the heat meter. The next one he burns using "grill". He burns the final one by using "flambé". Robert shoots a harpoon onto the robot, spinning it on the automaton's leg, causing it to trip over. Once the AI trips, it's body splits in half, but continues to function. Clasp uses the claw to grab the quad and uses it's harpoon to hook the legs close to the body, which the rampaging robot reattaches to it's body. Clasp attempts to kill Robert by stomping and crushing his ATV with the monster robot. However, Robert escapes in time and shoots his harpoon at the robot multiple times, and the robot uses the flame laser in attempts to burn Robert, but Florence flies in front of the flamethrower, causing the Greek fire to deflect on the cockpit of the super jet, burning the mechanism holding Clasp's escape vehicle and burning the machinery allowing the upper half of the robot to be used as a vehicle. Florence and Robert work together by using missiles and harpoons in order to destroy the robot, sending nuts, bolts, corks, screws, and wiring everywhere, and causing the golem to fall apart, with the robot's falling onto the flame arm, burning Clasp to death.


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