Detective Ace Venturian is a character in Venturian Battle.


Ace Venturian wears a Hawaiian overcoat on top of his white shirt as part of his detective suit. He wears a smart red tie to complete his outfit. He wears tan trousers and has a brown fedora and carries a black suitcase and a magnifying glass to carry and spot clues around on his cases. He has dark tan hair.


It appears that he is not a man of comfort since his office is extremely cluttered with clues everywhere and his guest chair is eloquent unlike his own.


His office is quite dark and gloomy thanks to the dark tangerine, unpainted walls, and is extremely cramped and cluttered with clues and filing cabinets everywhere. He prefers that his guests are comfortable unlike him since the guest chair in his room is regal unlike the one he sits on.

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