Diabolus' Library is a location in Venturian Battle.


Diabolus went through the library to learn how to make wine, earn wealth, and pimp women. However, all he found were books, one of which was the Book of the Dead. Diabolus had previously been unsuccessful in attempts to get his three W desires, so he agreed to steal a ton of books from it. As it turns out, Clip could be given a second chance at life, however, it turned out Diabolus was raiding Clip's Library. Diabolus realized the two were both evil, but not before Robert Jacob impaled Clip with a diamond pickaxe. Diabolus was so pissed, that he caused an explosion from his fury. Robert was unharmed, and Diabolus had survived, but was burned on one half of his body. Diabolus had since claimed the library for his own.


  • A top wall was blown off from the explosion.

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