Diplomats are attorneys and problem solvers. Peace will come to the server only through open communication between players.

Diplomats are rather peaceful players. They always create alliances with others. They follow the Scrolls of Order.

Players with this archetype are extremely easy to ally and are much easier than any other archetype players, except Traders, who are also friendly from the start. Diplomats make great allies since they generally do not kill other players unless when commanded to do so, unlike other players which can attack other players allied with the player. Diplomat users are also fast builders and could build an entire city in less than an hour. Despite their fast construction, their buildings are never made out of durable or otherwise expensive materials, making them vunerable. Diplomats have a Grand Council.

Diplomat Unique Item

Diplomats receive the Static Cling which, upon activation, immobilizes all enemies and artillery on the server. The ability lasts for two minutes.


  1. - Secretary Attache
  2. - Attache
  3. - Third Receptionist
  4. - Second Tellemarker
  5. - First Administrative
  6. - Faculty
  7. - Deacon Headmaster
  8. - Reverend
  9. - Delegate
  10. - Supreme Delegate

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