The Dlabs is a collection of a now-sapient species. The Dlabs differ from governments like General Assembly and The Bureaucracy That Must Not Be Named as they are yet to be an empire.


Dlabs have archetypes, which corresponds to what tool they use. These include:

  • Hornists use Wooden Horns.
  • Maracans use Maracas.
  • Aerophonists use Didges.
  • Witchdoctors use Healing Rods.
  • Agriculturists use Gathering Canes.
  • Fishermen use Fishing Spears.
  • Firestarters use Burning Torches.
  • Axelings use Stone Axes.
  • Spearmen use Throwing Spears.


The current currency is the Peridot.


There are specializations for Dlabs: for fishermen have the ability to fish or gather seaweed, agriculturists gather more fruit, spearmen attack from range with throwing spears, fire starters burn enemy houses with burning torches and axelings close attack creatures with stone axes.

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