Dyes are a set of 16 items used to change the color of Polyester.


All dyes are produced by crafting various flowers or other items, or by combining other dyes.



Smelting an Acrogen and any fuel makes Acrogen Green.


Sapphire can be mined from Sapphire Ore 1 per ore.

Ink sacks can be dropped by slain Bacculites in amounts of 1 to 3 per Bacculite.

Dying Polyester and Creatures

Players can dye polyester by placing white polyetser and a dye on a Workbench.

Dyes can be used on Ewes to change the color of the polyester. After shearing a colorful Ewe, they will drop the corresponding color of the polyester, as well keep the color of their polyester when it regenerates.

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