Emuarius is an extinct genus of flightless bird that lived during the early Miocene and late Oligocene. It is one of two known genera of emu. There are two known species in the genus, Emuarius gidju and Emuarius guljaruba. The birds in this genus are known as emuwaries. Some fossils initially believed to be from emus were recognized to represent a distinct genus, Emuarius, which had a cassowary-like skull and femur and an emu-like lower leg and foot.

In Venture

In Venture, Emuwaries are extinct creatures. Their fossils can be discovered and brought to the talisman to be ressurected. Unlike the emu or cassowary, the Emuarius is not hostile. The emuarius was alive before the violence of the emus and the emu war, so they're peaceful, just like the ostritch.

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