Ex-Spouses are squid-like creatures found in hell. They are known to be deadly and shoot plasma.


To spawn naturally, Ex-Spouses require a solid object below them and 5×4×5 meters of free space in order to spawn, and only spawn in Hell, in any light level.


Ex-Spouses drop 0-2 gunpowder when killed.


Ex-Spouses normally hover around Hell with their eyes and mouth closed and periodically make high-pitched, cat or baby sounds. They open their scarlet eyes and mouth when attacking. They make a chirp when shooting and scream pitifully when hurt. The sounds that Ex-Spouses make have a minimum intensity regardless of their distance, meaning that they can sound closer than they actually are. They have a size of 4×4×4 meters, as well as 9 tentacles about the size of Robert Jacob, although long and skinny. However, the tentacles are not part of the Ex-Spouse's hitbox.

Ex-Spouses have an extreme attack range, exploding attack power, and mobility. Unlike all other homocidal creatures, the Ex-Spouses does not have a pursuit mode - it does not attempt to draw closer to you when at long range (and likewise is unlikely to hover away). Ex-Spouses can cause other creatures to attack it, but the Ex-Spouse will never target other creatures; it will only target people. Compared to other creatures, the Ex-Spouse has an extremely long search range and can target you up to 100 meters away. When someone comes within about sixteen meters, the Ex-Spouse will turn to face them, open fire and attempt to gain altitude.

Ex-Spouse will not fire at anyone without a line-of-sight, which can be blocked by solid transparent objects.


  • This is Skittleflake's favorite creature

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