Fatal Magma Land is a Venture map by Brendan.


The player starts off on a platform with a couple of signs and the player has to long jump in order to reach the next platform. This platform splits to either a small, circular platform on the right that contains a Workbench and a Chest with white Polyester and a Flame Resistant Elixir inside during official (albeit optional) quests from and a platform to the left that has many Holocausts flying across it. At the end of the left path is a large platform with a single . Here, the platform splits and leads into either the left or right side of the map.


To the right is a molten rock plume and a ramp and platform that lead to the ring platform that circles the volcano and flames with mycelium above it and a brown morel on top of the mycelium at the back of the platform. There is also a path with an 1500-Megawatt-Scarlet-Rock-Super-Colliding Super Button attached with Scarlet Rock to the Acetone Peroxide. To the right are platforms that just above the magma. Here, the platforms lead to a "V"-shaped platform. The "V"-shaped platform will lead to four slightly risen platforms that lead to a large platform.

Volcano Map

To the left of the large platform is a bridge leading to an iron-grated platform. Below it is a small platform. Past the grated platform is a platform high above the molten rock with a group of platforms with Count Lionel's image. Beyond the Lionel platform is another platform leading to a platform of burning Hellrack, and a couple of platforms beyond.

Jumping into the volcano in the center of the map will bring the player to the inside of the volcano. The volcano has many platforms that are around the volcano's walls and lifts that spiral up to the top. There are many Holocausts, flaming Blood Rocks, and flames along with a large obstacle. The platforms get small at the top of the map and there are many poles the player has to jump between as well.