Florence Ingrid is a character in Venturian Battle.


Florence is smart, fearless, and relaxed. She also always acts like a typical teenager and talks sassy, always saying "dude", "bro", "rad", and "epic". Since her brain includes so much information, she can get pretty crazy when she's under pressure. She can get pissed extremely easily. Nonetheless, she is extremely sociable and would do anything for her loved ones.


Florence's shirt is entirely white. She has fair skin and brown eyes. She has blonde hair. She has a body that widens at the end and wears a black pendant. She has two slender arms. On her wrists are dark red covers that taper down. She wears grey hot pants and red shoes that have two white stripes on she.


  • Florence is also a character in Morphers, another one of Brendan's projects.


Clip's Deception

Rainforest Temple (Episode)

Venturian Island


Dark Florence

Ever since Florence's death, her wrecked body was infested by shadow mosquito. Since she was deceased and could not swat the vermin, the shadow insects filled her corpse with antimatter, and brought Florence back as Dark Florence. Dark Florence is a polar opposite of Florence, having lava as the elemental power rather than water, and being in a paler, greener shade. Dark Florence also has the letter "M" on her jumpsuit to symbolize the Shadow Mosquito which created her. Nobody has noticed Dark Florence yet, however.