Flying Laser Sharks are rarer and more dangerous varaiants to the normal Laser Sharks and Flying Sharks.

Unlike Laser Sharks, they can rarely spawn naturallly anywhere by a body of water. Commonly, they are found inside Ocean Temples. They require do not require water to spawn, another difference. When killed, they usually drop Aventurine Shards and Crystals. Sometimes they have a rare chance to drop Shark fins, Shark wings and meat.

They're behavior's still somewhat like the Laser Shark. They'll still swim around in water, attacking any player or Cuttlefish that come into sight. They swim in abrupt charges, moving their tail rapidly when doing so. When swimming, their laser shooters retract. When not swimming they sink slowly and their shooters extend. If a player nearby is out of water, the shark will still attack by flying out to attack.

When nearby one, they'll cause hallucinations of it's giant head looking at you. They can also stop you from being able to break or remove stuff in the temple. When killed. the effects wear off.

When out of water, the sharks will fly around the place looking for anything to kill. Most of the time, they'll just fly back into the water. They do not suffocate in air like the Laser shark, and can live indefinitely out of water.


  • They are actually crossbreeds of Laser Sharks and Flying Sharks.
  • Flying Laser Sharks are OP.
  • Robert Jacob is not afraid of the flying laser sharks.

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