Fruit Dieties: Part 1 is an episode of Venturian Battle.


Robert Jacob, newly appointed hero of Flakerot recives a message from one of The Royals in Flakerot Avenue. The letter is an invitation to a special meeting. As he goes into the royal palace, he sees King Skittleflake, and he appears to be a small white cat. Skittleflake tells him that he has been given the option to attend a World Assembly as a extremely-important delegate. Robert accepts the proposition, and tells his team about the trip.

The meeting was long and boring for Robert, and he almost fell assleep during a speech about stock proposals. Robert's only intrest was about the vote for a war with some random tribe, which he automatically voted YES.

Robert was finally glad tht the meeing was almost over, then suddenly he noticed a fireball in the sky! The delegates had taken notice to this, and started panicing. One cried that they'd end up like The Bureaucracy That Must Not Be Named. Robert, somewhat confused asks about what's happening. The guy next to him tells him that once, a Fireball had swept away the former World Government, around the time of the WA's founding. After that, they were never seen again. Robert is somewhat even more confused, and ignores that.

He checks up on the sky, and sees the fireball descend onto the ground. He is quick to point it out, and the observation causes even more hysteria!

Suddenly, a massive oval shape appears in the WA office. As the light clears, it appears to be a Lemon! The lemon summons some kind of skeleton blaster and knocks out everyone, except for Robert. The Lemon blasts off, with the WA. Suddenly, a small hand-written message falls down from Skittleflake! It tells him that he'll probably take his place as leader for a while. Robert leaves as a burning feeling tells him he needs to free everyone.