Fruit Dieties: Part 3 is an episode of Season Two.


Robert was in his Adobe Mansion, getting ready to sleep. As he went to bed, he saw an omminus circle at the foot of his bed. Robert ignored it, and when he looked away, The Avacodo diety suddenly appeared. Robert attempted to get a blade, but he was bubbled and kidnapped by the diety. The diety took him too the site of the Multi-Dimensional Fireball. She unbubbled him and pointed a gun at him. Robert attempted to flee, but he was detained. Avacado demanded that he get the Cabbage People to get the Multi-Dimensional Fireball up and running again. Robert questioned why him, and Avacado told him that she knows Cabbage people only obey Venturians. She aimed the gun at him, so he told the Cabbage people to remove the Fireball. The Cabbage People don't understand English, so they flung the fireball out into the sea. Avacado looked distressed, and decided to kill Robert instead.

Robert found a blade on the ground, and picked it up. He ended up trying to stab her, and then his brothers arrive. Tyler and Terrence help him, and the three stabbed Avacado. A bunch of Guacamole spilled out onto the ground, and it revealed a seed. Robert and his brothers return home, and he put the seed inside the refridgerator.

When Robert woke up, he found the Avacado return inside his mansion. He tried to get her out, be instead he was kicked out of his mansion. When he tried to re-enter, he found the door was locked by Avacado. He got his brothers to try and get in, and they tried stabbing the door open but they failed.

Later, Avacado flew out of the mansion using an RC Helicopter. The helicopter was aimed directly at the moon, and it flew up, and up, before dissapearing. Well, now what will I do? asked Robert since the mansion was still locked up.


  • This is the third Fruit Deities episode.

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