Fruit Dieties: Part 4 is an episode of Venturian Battle.


The space ship lands on Robert's Abode. Everybody gets out, and they see that a guy waiting a the door. The guy says tht he is Tom Jacob, their uncle. They let him stay inside, and then they leave to go adventure. Suddenly, a fruit dragon desecends upon the river and shoots at Robert. The Dragon lights the forest on fire. Robert aims a gun at the dragon, and he shoots it. The dragon falls down and it dies, causing the ground to shake. The Jacobs went to the wilderness, then suddenly a cart drives through.

The guy in the car throws a paper scroll at Robert. It said that the mayor of Flakerot was killed. As the cart leaves, a guy with a bloody knife runs at the Jacobs. He tries to stab Robert, but Robert stabs the guy. Wait, is that the killer, they questioned. Suddenly, another fruit diety ship comes down and shoots at a tower. They have a little battle, and then Terrence almost falls in a canyon. Robert throws a rope and saves him, and then a fruit sliped and fell. The fruit was killed.

Then, the guy who was stabbed by Robert broke into a building and stole babies. The king of Peskite belives the fruits stole the babies, so he sends the army into murder mode. Falling rocks shattered the ship, so the couldn't retreat. The army surrounds them, and shoots them. A badger suddenly scampers out of a cave and tries to kill Robert. Terrence and Tyler tagteam it, and it dies. The dieties then break into the Abode, but Tom kills them.

When Tyler goes in, he witnesses Tom poisioning the fruits. Then, an owl kidnaps Tyler. A mystery person shoots the owl, and then he kidnaps Tyler. Tyler breaks out and runs to the Abode. The mystery person takes a knife and follows him to the Abode. He stabs a guy with his knife, then he slips and dies.


  • This is the largest amount of acts of violence shown on an 11 minute television program.

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