Fruit Dieties 5 is an episode of Venturian Battle.


While Robert and Tyler are working in the kitchen, an explosion happens! The Jacob brothers go and see a ship! A fruit appears! Robert questions the fruit and finds out its Lt. Col. Pineapple. Cucumbers see the Jacobs and they hit them with frying pans. The Jacobs faint.

The cucumbers ferry the Jacobs to a ship. When the Jacobs wake up, they're in a prision with other Venturians. Suddenly, a hand picks up a man. The man is thrown to a pack of Giraffes. The giraffes eat the man. An announcer announces that Venturian Zoo's Giraffe feeding will happen in one hour. Robert realises they must escape or be eaten by an angry giraffe.

One hour passes, and the hand takes Robert. Robert stabs the hand, and it drops him out of the enclosure. He kicks a janitor out and takes his cleaning ship. He rescues the other Jacobs and the Venturians. The ship suddenly explodes and is beamed up by the Pineapple's ship. Robert blows it up, and crashes to Venture, on Robert's Abode. The Jacobs and other Venturians escape.

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