Future Mining Part 3 is an episode of Venturian Battle.


As the Future Miners dig deeper, Robert Jacob uncovers Magma, and they realize that they have dug extremely deep, and will fight off Lava Monsters. Robert finds a new vehicle, the Fire Blaster, and gets in it. Robert finds a yellow lava monster, Combustion, and Robert uses the water cannon to put Combustion out. Robert walks out and grabs the neon yellow crystal from Combustion's corpse. Robert then finds more volcanic rocks, and uses the dynamite launcher to blast right through the volcanic rock.

Robert uses a Magma Mech next, and spots a Firax. Robert uses an extendable scissor claw arm, and shoots water out of a spinning water jet drill. Robert grabs the Firax with the titanium scissor claw arm, grabbing Firax. Robert then shoots the Orange Firax lava monster, cooling it down with the spinning water jet. Robert continues moving around the area with the mech walker, and finds rock, which he blasts through with the water jet. However, Robert runs out of water. Robert then realizes how long it is from the surface, and continues moving, hoping that nothing penetrates the heat shielded opening cockpit, and grabs an orange crystal from the dead Firax.

A burning Infernox rampages over Venture's core, and Terrence uses the Claw Catcher in attempts to catch it. Terrence drives over to the Infernox, and automatically grabs it in the clamps, hoists it high in the air, and dunks it back into a supercooled container in the back. Terrence drives back to the base, and thanks the off-road wheels due to having to cross molten lava. Terrence gets a crystal from the Infernox, approaches some molten rock, and fries a sausage over it.

Only Lavatraz is strong enough to contain Eruptor, and Tyler and Duke are guarding it. Tyler and Duke decide to go and get some "Cool Drinks" from the vending machine. Firax then sneaks in, and helps Eruptor break free with an explosion. However, Duke notices, and boards a hydro blast rover, and wheelbarrows them off to Lavatraz. Tyler then uses a movable capture crane to put the pests on ice. Tyler, Duke, Terrence and Robert celebrate them fulfilling all of the missions of Future Mining, and have frozen snacks to celebrate their completion. They use a Teleporter to teleport back to the surface, and are famed by the people of Flakerot for getting enough energy crystals to save the town.


  • Future Mining Part 3 was the last episode of Venture- Season 1.
    • Additionally, it is the final part to the Future Mining arc.


  • Runescape 2: The music "Al Kharid" plays when Eruptor is fought.

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