Geonosian Arena is the first episode of Venturian Battle Season Four.


In a variation of the scene from Attack of the Clones, the Jacob Knights are to be executed by Acklay, Reek, and Nexu. Robert Jacob plays the role of none other than that insane old sorcerer, Obi-Wan Kenobi. When the Acklay arrives, Robert breaks his bonds. He then reconfigures the pillar into a staircase with his pickaxe and climbw it to the top. Then he summons midi-chlorians once more to manipulate the contraptions on Terrence, Tyler, and Athansios' columns.

Next, Scottie, Prisco, Cyan, and Boyce climb up their posts. They then latch onto the contraptions on Terrence, Tyler, and Athansios' supports. This releases them. Cyan gets close to the Reek, then restrains it. After doing so, Robert calms it further. Afterwards, Robert mounts and ride it.

The knights are then tasked with taking down Nexu. Robert rides the Reek and charge into the Nexu. He repeats this process until the Nexu dies. Terrence has a turn with the Reek, and destroys the henchman columns with the Reek. Tyler then fights Acklay by striking the Acklay's legs with his Diamond Blade. After crippling both legs, Prisco restrains Acklay. Then, Cyan kills Acklay with a Geonosian War Spike.

Now that pesky Jango Fett is sticking his nose in their business. a Jedi. Boyce aims his gladius at Fett and throw it in his direction. He falls to the ground, and they decapitate him in close quarters combat. Terrence flicks it the Count Dooku for the gamewinner, and then they have Jedi to escort out via three drop ships. To do this, two trios of them and one duo make your way to the ships, use the open the etrance, wait for the appointed Jedi to enter it, and then close the ingress. They do this for all three ships and high-tail it out of this arena.


  • Despite Robert taking on the role of Obi-Wan, Cyan kills the Acklay with a Geonosian Blade instead.

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