Grandmaster Creators Prolouge is a short episode of Venturian Battle.


An old sorcerer named Brahman attempts to protect and ancient and destructive relic called the ELMRS. Brahman assembles Shakespeare and Hatshepsut to defend it from Duke Trump and his forces. They fail to do so, with Brahman being permanently blinded by Trump's ray gun.

However, he warns Lord Trump of a prophecy connected to the ELMRS:

One day a talented lass or man, A Special one with face of Dan, Will make the Piece of Rebellion found, From its hiding refuge underground. And with a noble army at the Barbute, They will thwart the ELMRS and save us like Groot And be the greatest, most interesting, Most important person of all times. All this is true, because it rhymes.

Trump dismisses this as nothing of importance, and leaves Brahman dead, taking the ELMRS.


  • This is based on the opening scene from the movie.

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