The grizzly bear (Ursus arctos ssp.), less commonly known as the silvertip bear, is a large subspecies of brown bear.

Multiple morphological forms sometimes recognized as subspecies exist, including the mainland grizzly, Kodiak bear, peninsular grizzly, and the Mexican grizzly. On average bears near the coast tend to be larger while inland Grizzlies tend to be smaller. the coast tend to be larger while inland Grizzlies tend to be smaller.

In Venture

Grizzly bears can exist in a passive, neutral, or hostile state. The cubs are passive; adults are neutral, but they will become hostile if attacked. If a cub is attacked, all adults within a 42 meter range will become hostile towards the attacker, regardless of difficulty (although in peaceful difficulty, their attacks will do zero damage to players). Attacking an adult who is within a 16 meter range of a cub will also provoke other adults within a 21 meter range of the attacked adult. Grizzly bears can be accidentally provoked by other mobs.

Grizzly bears attack by rearing on their back legs and then mauling down on the attacker with their front paws. Their swimming speed is faster than the player's, making them difficult to get away from if they are attacking.

When the player carries salmon or other fish, any grizzly bear in a 12 meter range will follow the player. If the bears are fed salmon, they will become passive and not attack.


When killed, the grizzly bears will have a chance to drop a Grizzly Bear head, certain fish, and certain candies.

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