Hand hands are multi-planetary beings that live close to planetary cores. They are hand-like beings made out of/have lots of hands.


Hand hands do not have any set appearances, due to there being many different kinds of hand hands. There are currently 3 types, small, medium, and large.


Small hand hands are mostly just a combination of 2 to 3 hands that squirm about. They are known to be multi colored, like other hand hands.



Medium hand hands are somewhat larger than the small hand hands, and now have the ability to crawl. The more larger arms can support the hand hand to crawl. The arms are still to weak to hold the hand hand up as legs, though.



Large hand hands are very rare, and unlike most hand hands, they can be found above ground. They now possess 2 larger and stronger arms, which can act as legs. The bipedal build of these hand hands make them more humanoid. The many arms and hands will distinguish it from a human, but they can be used just like human arms and hands. They can also be found with mouths and eyes.


  • The Hand Hands and the aliens rival each other.
  • The Fruits, the Hand Hands, and the Aliens are the only multi-planetary beings.

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