Hognut is a non solid plant that has seeds as a drop. Its color is biome-dependent, and matches wabe.


When broken normally, all variants will drop 0 or 1 seeds. They can be obtained as an item using scissors.

Natural Generation

Hognuts generate on wabe in every biome that generates wabe.

Ferns occur naturally only in amazon, taiga, and massive taiga biomes.

Bushes, though identical in appearance to the dead shrubs found in deserts, do not naturally generate.

Bone Meal

Bone meal can be used on Wabe to grow Hognuts and occasionally blossoms on it and in its vicinity.


A bush looks identical to the dead shrub, except that it will occasionally drop seeds instead of twigs, and is variously offset from the center of its object like wabe. It can be obtained using /give@pventure:toweringhognut10. 

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