House of Jacobs is an episode of Venturian Battle.


Tom Jacob told Robert that he got a Jacob family reunioun. Robert was told to get everyone else to get ready for the reunion. Robert ran down getting, Tyler, Terrence, Athanios, and the others. They put on ties, and set the table with food.

Tom brought some spaghetti, apples, cakes, kringle, and pixels for the dinner. The doorbell rang, and Robert ran to get it. I'm Carrot Jacob, he said. Robert told Carrot to sit down at the table. Suddenly, a cart of Jacobs came into the door.

There was Anna Jacob, Gala Jacob, Laura Jacob, and Lana Jacob. They sat down with Tom at the dinner table. I have an idea for something we should do! We should talk about things we are thankful!, Tyler said. Robert said he's thankful that everyone's here. Tyler was thankful for the food. Terrence was thankful that Tom got everyone here.

Tom said that they're thankful that the Jacob's are gonna die! He takes a lighter and sets Robert's abode on fire. They start shooting at Robert, and then they get stabbed. Tom turns into a Tomato, Anna turns into a pineapple, Gala becomes an apple, Laura becomes an Avocado, and Lana becomes a watermelon. Robert and Tyler start shooting, and the fruits retreat. Carrot Jacob was hiding in the closet.

Robert and Tyler corner Carrot, and they start shooting. Carrot dosen't become a fruit or vegetal. Robert and Tyler then realize she's a real Jacob! Carrot starts bleeding, and they rush him to the hospital, where she stays now.

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