Hurricane is an episode of Venturian Battle.


Robert and his brothers are watching Venture TV. The TV said that there is a hurricane in the Evritanian Islands. Robert says that at least the hurricane's not in Flakerot. Suddenly, the TV says that was yesterday's news. It says that the hurricane is in Potomac County. Terrence realizes that they're nearby Potomac County. Everybody starts panicking and running around. Tyler runs to a closet, and locks himself in there. Terrence tries to take all the food, but Athanios takes it. Suddenly, the door bursts open! Everybody realizes that the hurricane has come to Flakerot. They try to hide in a closet, but the wall is ripped open.

More damage happens to Robert's Abode. The roof is ripped off, and it takes Robert's statue of a Silver Pheonix. Robert is dragged outside, and taken by the wind. Suddenly, the wind stops and Robert falls onto the porch. His Adobe suddenly collapses and is destroyed. Somehow, his brothers are safe.

Suddenly, a spaceship appears! A mysterious creature comes out from the spaceship. We are the Suîvè, the mysterious creature says. 7 more Suîvè arrive and some carry guns. They bomb Robert's Abode, causing it to be more destroyed. They decide to kidnap Robert and his brothers and get in their ship. Robert pulls out his sword and stabs a Suîvè. The ship crashes into the water, and Robert and his brothers escape unharmed.

The rest of the Suîvè blasted off in their spaceship and dissapeared. Robert goes to his Abode and accidentally lit it on fire.

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