Hurricane II is and episode of Venturian Battle.


Robert groans that his package hasn't arrived, then Tabs the mailman arrives. He gives Robert a package, then suddenly, a wind picked him up away! Venture TV suddenly announces a hurricane is coming! Then a spaceship crashes on the front lawn! It was the Suîvè! They steal the front door, then fire on Robert's Abode! The Jacob brothers are fine, but the abode isn't. Tyler shoots a Suîvè, and the rest of them flee back in the ship. They come out with a Goo-mi!

Tyler and Terrence dig underground while Robert distracts them. They place a bomb in the tunnel, and light it. They escape, just to see the bomb blow up the ship, killing a Suîvè. The Jacob brothers are in the crater, celebrating their victory. Suddenly, the Goo-mi and Suîvè surround the crater!

They start firing at the Jacob brothers. Robert shoots his way through the crowd, and the Jacob brothers follow him. Suddenly, a wind blew a box into the middle of the crowd! It was a bomb, and it killed the crowd, except for the Goo-mi. As the brothers attack the Goo-mi, it flees into the ship and retreats. Robert and the brothers celebrate their victory!

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