Into the Moon is an episode of Venturian Battle.


I wonder where Avocado has gone, Robert said. He and his brothers were still locked out of the mansion by her. Wait, I think she's on the moon, Robert. Tyler replied. They decided to pursue her on the moon. Wait a minute, she's right there! Terrence said. Suddenly, they were all captured by a net by her. Avocado! Where are you taking us! They yelled. She gagged them with tape and broke into Robert's Abode. Inside, she ran into his portal room, to Robert's protest. She shoved them inside a greyish white portal, and went in.

The portal took them onto a large grey building, where Avocado dropped the net with The Roberts in on the ground. Robert and Tyler moved the bag to a spike in the wall and cut it open. Where are we? asked Tyler as they were inside the building. Suddenly, a door opened, revealing the moon! Terrence quickly shut the door, not to blow everyone out into space. Well, we on the moon! Tyler said. Avocado came in and attempted to shoot Jacob, but he quickly dodged and redirected the bullet at Avacodo. She ran away and sent a strawberry-bot to stall them. It set Acetone Peroxide around the floor and set a fire on it. Robert and his brother leaped over the about to explode Acetone, and accidentally activated floating stairs.

They went up the stairs, leaving the Strawberry-bot to blow up. Suddenly, as the explosion happens, the building door opens up into the moon. Robert struggles to stay upstairs, but a PC appears with Avocado's face on it. The PC was loaded with guns and bombs, and Avocado decided to blow up and shoot Robert and his brothers to death. They blew up the computer and found Avacodo. She grabbed the RC Helicopter and tried to fly out, but Robert and his brothers grabbed onto her. Suddenly, they blasted off into space using the Helicopter! Robert let go, and they landed back into the building. They crafted a lime-green portal which took them back to Flakerot.

When they got to Flakerot, a large explosion happened in his Abode, and the door fell open. Well, we can go back now?

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