jack o lantern is a solid object that provides light.


Jack o lanterns can be mined with any tool, or without a tool, but hatchets are the quickest.


Crafting a Jack O Lantern requires a torch and a pumpkin.


Light Source

Jack o lanterns have a light level of 15 and the ability to provide light while submerged under water. Like all light sources, they will melt snow and ice.


Jack o lanterns cannot be placed without an object under them, but once placed, will remain even if the object underneath is mined away. When placed, jack o lanterns automatically face the player. Jack o lanterns cannot be placed on transparent objects.

Jack o'lanterns are transparent in their rendering only, which means that they have the attributes that all opaque solid objects have. For example, they can suffocate creatures, and objects attached to another object (such as torches and rails) can be placed on top of them or on their sides.

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