Journals are modified Books that can have content in them.


To craft one you need, a book and Pen.


The journal is used to write things and put content in books. The journal can be used as a message for players when the player delivering a message is not on.

How to use

When first crafted, the journal will appear as 'Book and Pen' when selected, the journal will open and you will see a blank page. Use your keyboard to type words into the journal. When you exit it, it will still appear as 'Book and Pen' The book can still be edited at any time. If you wish to put a picture in the book, you'll have to upload the file into 'venturejournal.jar' folder. The file will now appear in the 'pictures' section at the top. When done writing, you can select publish. When publish is selected, you will be able to apply a title and signature to the book. After you publish it, you will no longer be able to edit.


  • Brendan and Skittleflake had the idea of adding journals at the same time.
  • Journals have a 75% chance to display a golden six fingered hand on them, and a 25% chance to display 1 on the hand, a 25% chance to display 2 on the hand, and a 25% chance to display 3 on the hand. This is a reference to Gravity Falls.
  • Another Gravity Falls reference is that there is a trophy if you equip one of the Gravity Falls ones called "Ford".
  • They also have a 1% chance to be displayed as 'Journal EX' and be all pinky and shiny. This is another refrence to Undertale.
  • It Would be supposed to have been the journalist/orlando scarlata.

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