Laser Sharks are marine creatures in Venture.

Laser Sharks spawn naturally only in and around ocean temples. They require water to spawn. When killed, they usually drop Aventurine Shards and Crystals. Sometimes they have a rare chance to drop Shark fins and meat.

Sharks swim around in water, attacking any player or Cuttlefish that come into sight. They swim in abrupt charges, moving their tail rapidly when doing so. When swimming, their laser shooters retract. When not swimming they sink slowly and their shooters extend.

The laser shark's laser follows any nearby entites, and always aims directly at its target. Stationary sharks can be pushed by flowing water, but swimming sharks cannot. When pushed horizontally they move significantly faster than other mobs pushed by water.

When out of water, sharks angrily squeak at any entity while flopping about. They do not suffocate in air and can live indefinitely out of water.


  • Brendan interprets Laser Sharks as a reference to the Austin Powers films (albeit having yet to see them), while Skittleflake interprets them incredibly similarly to guardians from Minecraft.
  • They can also be traced as a refrence to The LEGO Movie.
  • Jaws was going to feed Florence Ingrid to Laser Sharks. However, Robert Jacob caught them in a net. After Jacob rescued Ingrid and they escaped in his power boat, the cybernetic sharks also escaped.
  • Crossbreeding them with a Flying Shark results in a Flying Laser Shark.

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