Legacy of Horror is an episode of Venturian Battle.


Duke and Prisco both leave the battlefield to recuperate. Up on a cliff, Duke and Terrence note the casualties taken during the battle. The former sets out to find Albino Horseman, as his capture, along with any information he has, would prove useful against the separatists. However, Duke mysteriously disappears during a sandstorm.

After the storm, Robert and Terrence bring their brothers to the Akator temple. Tyler finds a guy's corpse and Terrence finds Duke's mining helmet. They then see a statue of what seems to be a deformed monarch's head above the archway of a dark tunnel. Robert mentions that there are legends of deformed autocrats, but no proof has been found of their existence. They go through the archway, entering a strange maze.

Duke wakes up and fights off some people, but notices that they aren't feeling pain—zombie-like. He contacts Robert, telling them not to enter the temple, before he is subdued. Then, the duo are attacked by undead, who are able to move even if shot or hacked; there are also brains moving through their face openings. They manage to save themselves by going down a tunnel. Terrence remembers rumors of a hive mind able to control people, even after they are dead. Because they are too deep underground to contact anybody, Tyler and Athansios head back to the surface and call for help. Unfortunately, they are scared off by the zombies before they can. Terrence thus suggests that the rest of them should stick together.

They find Duke, held in bonds before the queen, Karina The Overpowered. Robert charges in, but Scottie has a different strategy. He tells Boyce to have the other brothers surround the place, before blinding the walking dead and burying them. The duo approach the queen, her thralls letting them pass. Terrence diplomatically tells her to surrender, but the queen refuses, intending on controlling them with her brain night-crawlers, catching Tyler's interest about the way the queen's mind control works. Albino Horseman approaches Duke with a night crawler, but before it can snake its way up his anus, Terrence gives the signal, and the brothers surprise the living dead, projecting light and blinding them. They save Duke and take Horseman prisoner. The zombies pursue them, but the eight brothers shoot cavern supports, causing the ceiling of the grotto to collapse. Tyler intends to study the inchworm that was going to be used on Duke, but Robert blows it off of a cliff, saying they should get out. They escape the collapsing temple, with the zombies after them. As they make their way up the pit that leads to the surface, the zombies follow. Then, a rush of dust, and air pushes them up. They escape before the entire temple caves in, burying the queen and Albino Horseman, who they forgot in the rush.

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