Leviathan Fossils are the remains of titanic extinct creatures, and are comprised of bones, with varying bits removed and some of them replaced with coal ore. Fossils variously generate 15-24 meters below the surface in deserts and swamp lands, including the hill and mesa variants. Each chunk has a 164 chance to spawn a fossil. They may generate as one of four different variants of skull or one of four different variants of spine.


  • Despite any similarities, Leviathan Fossils are IN NO WAY related to Hyper Epic Fossils. For example, Leviathan Fossils can be mined out entirely, whereas Hyper Epic Fossils can not be mined away at all. In addition, Leviathan Fossils can also be partialy composed of coal ore, in addition to bones. Additionally, Leviathan Fossils have no resemblance to Llamas, unlike Hyper Epic Fossils. Instead, Levianthan Fossils belong to a group of giant extinct aquatic acreatures.
  • Leviathan Fossils and Hyper Epics cannot be ressurected like other Fossils.
  • They are the only source of placable bones, not counting other fossils, as bones dropped by Shooters can't be placed.