Little Abode of Horror is an episode of Venturian Battle.


Robert and his brothers are relaxing in his abode. They are resting in chairs, and are listening to Venture TV. Suddenly, a random eclipse happens! It was so dark, Robert couldn't see! Terrence went to get a torch outside, but the sun came back. A green lightning bolt suddenly hit the ground next to Terrence, and a weird plant showed up! Terrence picked up the plant and took it inside. Robert and the Jacob brothers were all amazed at the weird plant. Tyler plopped it in a pot next to the windowsill, and they all went back to relaxing. Suddenly, the odd plant bites Robert's finger. Robert shakes it off and puts the plant close to Tyler. The Jacob brothers then go to sleep.

After Robert wakes up, he sees the living room covered by goo. In the center was the odd plant, but it somehow grew to a tremendous size. Robert swept away the goo, but they turned into Goo-mis! They attacked Robert, and then the Jacob Brothers come after hearing the noise. The plant walks away as Tyler attacks a Goo-mi. The Goo-mis retreat and a leaf began to come out of them. Plants come out of the Goo-mis. Robert attacks the plants, and they throw him outside.

Outside, Terrence's plant was destroying Robert's Abode. Suddenly, Tabs the mailman came! Tabs handed Robert a package, and then the plant ate him! Robert opened his package and it was a knife! The plant attacked Robert, and tried to eat him. Robert stabbed the plant, and it died. Another plant leaped out of the Abode, causing it to collapse. Robert's brothers escaped unharmed, but the plants got crushed. The remaining plant tried too flee, but Tyler shot it down. Robert's chair was unharmed, so he sat down and rested.

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