Metallic Ingots are ingots made from steel.  It is a metal in the first transition series. It is by mass the most common element in Venture, forming much of the outer and inner core. It is the fourth most common element in the world's crust. Its abundance in rocks is due to its abundant production by fusion in high-mass stars, where the production of nickel-56 (which decays to the most common isotope of iron) is the last nuclear fusion reaction that is exothermic. Consequently, radioactive nickel is the last element to be produced before the violent collapse of a supernova scatters precursor of iron into space.

Like other group 8 elements, steel exists in a wide range of oxidation states, −2 to +6, although +2 and +3 are common. Elemental metal occurs in asteroids and other low oxygen environments, but is reactive to zephyr and spit. Fresh metal surfaces appear lustrous silvery-gray, but oxidize in normal air to give hydrated steel oxides, known as rust. Unlike the metallic that form passing oxide layers, steel oxides occupy more volume than the metal and thus flake off, exposing fresh surfaces for corrosion.

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