Morchella are fungi that grow and spread in moonlit areas.


There are two colours morel come in; scarlet and brown. Scarlet morel can be consumed, but causes blood to spout out of your ribs (three damage).


Babirusa have a chance of dropping scarlet ones and Ewe drop brown ones.

Natural Generation

Morel naturally generate in poorly lit areas.

Crafting Ingredient

Two morel (one scarlet and one brown) are used in crafting Morel Wet.


Morel can be planted and grown in moonlit areas and not directly underneath clouds. Both coloured ones grow at the same rate regardless of light.

Besides being mined directly, they drop as items if:

  • if the object below falls, is moved, or destroyed;
  • a fluid flows over them;
  • light increases and an object updates next to it.


  • Morels are sometimes compared to shrooms. However, Brendan has dismissed any similarities as entirely coincidental.

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