Multiplayer Survival-0

Multiplayer Survival is a mode in Venture. Multiplayer Survival is different than Venturian Battle as you use servers other people made rather than standard ones. Players can work together or against each other in order to achieve their survival goals.


!BAN (Insert Username): Bans a user from the server.

!PARDON (Insert Username): Ends the banned user's ban.

!TELEPORT (Insert Username) TO (Insert Username): Moves the user whose name is first to the second user's location

!SAVE: Saves everything that happened so far.

!NOSAVE: Disables saving.

!YESSAVE: Enables saving again.

!PM (Insert Username): Opens a private chat with the user whose name you verified.

!LIST: Lists players on the server.

!KICK (Insert Username): Takes a user off the server temporarily, but can re-join anytime.

!SUICIDE: Deals 1,000 damage to the player using it

violence_cblood "1" // Draw creature blood

violence_cgiblets "1" // Show creature giblet entities

violence_hblood "1" // Draw human blood

violence_hgiblets "1" // Show human giblet entities


  • Skittleflake has dubbed this mode as 'Trying to stay alive with other people mode'.
  • Multiplayer Survival's most major difference from Venturian Battle is lacking archetypes.
  • The server log shows what admin does what, and broadcasts any events of admin activity.
  • Multiplayer Survival requires an age verification.
  • Players are invulnerable for three seconds when connecting to a server or respawning.

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