Music Discs are items that can be played in jukeboxes.


Natural Generation

13 can be found in 22.2% of torture chamber chests.

Bombay can be found in 22.2% of torture chamber chests.


13: A bit unsettling ambient consisting of cavern sounds, metal creaks, explosions, water running, blowing wind, shrieks of horror, and muffled gun shots, and the sound of necks snapping.

Bombay: An upbeat, synthetic melody.


Brendan wrote the music tracks later added as records. On July 30, 2016, Brendan added the first records, 13 and Bombay to Venture. Brendan decided to call records "music discs". 13 is the first ambient track. Music discs were also added to Torture Chamber chests.


  • Music discs are one of three music items in Venture, the others being jukeboxes and pianos.

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